For Christmas 2000 my parents gave me the first four books in the Harry Potter series. Perhaps then, the blame for all of this can be placed on them? All I know is, almost exactly one year later I started making stick comics and now look at what's become of me!

So welcome to Vault 711, a little page for all the Harry Potter comics I've made over the years. The focus of course is on Sirius and Lupin, as they are my favourite old married couple! And I should probably tell you now that my comics are slashy like the dickens - AKA GAYNESS ABOUNDS. You have been warned!

LAST UPDATED: 2014/12/13

The Comics
Sirius tries out a new spell
Wingardium leviosa!
And embraced him like a brother
Snape delivers Lupin his potion
It's all about the bow
I live in fear of anagrams
V/P is highly underappreciated
Sirius' christmas plan
It's only a dream
Christmas love for all
damn censorship!
Snuffles has the sniffles
Not quite a tickle trunk..
A real tear-jerker
Lie low at Lupin's..
Evil couple's therapy
Feeding time for Voldie
Mr. Oldman, I presume
Swashbuckling Adventure!!
Of birds, bees, and lightbulbs
Hem, hem.
Voldemort's got competition
Dumbledore gets points for trying
Remus can be very diplomatic
The madness of Mr. Black
Boys will be boys
Weasley family reunion
Warner Brothers' little mix-up
Dissention within the ranks
Snape is not himself
Keeping up appearances
What Sirius found there
'Twas the night before Christmas

Remus' new love
The Patented Malfoy Eyebrow Wiggle
The Master of Disguise
The things we do for love
Taking it too far?
Just say no to MPREG
I give up...
What a boy (who lived) wants
Night of the Living Dead
Spreading the Christmas cheer
Love hurts
Ron's Revelation
Digging into the mailbag
What should happen in HBP
Matters of inheritance
Too little too late
Back-up Black
Opinionated Cows
You can't always get what you want
Desperate measures
Unexpected Results
No news is good news
A crappy way to die
Three's a crowd
Together again
Wormtail gets no points for trying
His cheatin' heart
Finding love in strange places
The Curious Cupboard
Unchained Melody
Luna fails at herbology
Hitting the bottle
Even dinosaurs go to heaven

How to make your own Sock-Sirius!

Now you too can fuel your denial with a puppet friend!

We also have a Sock-Sirius gallery! I'm not alone in this!

Now colour co-ordinated for your convenience!

Sirius and Lupin
Voldemort and Wormtail
Harry and Friends
The Weasleys
The Malfoys

(Snape is everywhere!)

November Challenge 2005! (info)
Remus and Sirius, having some kind of discussion about Sirius' bike? Remus and the giant squid Harry and the Potters meet Harry Potter ALL HP CHARACTERS KILLING EACH OTHERRRRRRRRR godzilla vs harry potter crew Harry Potter Vs. Vincifa something bad happens to Harry Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy Remus explaining to Sirius why Snape isn't so bad after all A CONTINUATION OF THE MALFOY EYEBROW WAGGLE Someone needs to get hit by a spell that makes them start speaking pig latin when they're trying to talk dirty More Snape~pony love! sirius should be in a comics with a bicycle instead of a motorcycle how about a Jun thing HP CREW + TIME TURNER THING MEETS CHRONO TRIGGER/CROSS GANG/SPEKKIO AT THE BEND IN TIME PLZ Remus babysitting baby Harry and Sirius trying to help more Remus & Tonks Duck. Sev's pony runs away Snape gives Lupin the wrong potion and he turns into a monkey Something Bill/Charlie something Draco/Myrtle Sirius catches Remus having an affair with sock-Sirius "what do they call you now? ... the boy that scored?" Remus/Sirius does Titanic Snape and Harry discuss their living arrangements Something with the Weasleys please :D en francais something about Harry/Snape's EndOfHBP fight something with cedric diggory a la robert pattinson Sirius, Remus and a very large vat of chocolate + Alternate ending

Extra Special Non-stick Non-Paint Comic (AKA I can't draw...)
Bad dog no biscuits

Lego + Digital Camera = H/D Fun
Draco's new girlfriend Caught in the act Three's company

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